DIY Challenge – Create a Cozy Winter Entrance

It’s January and time for another round of DIY Challenge with Terrie over at Terrie has some great DIY tips so make sure that you visit her blog. Also see the bottom of this page for more inspiration from other bloggers involved in this challenge. This month’s challenge was to give inspiration on warming […]

ChocoMint Goat Milk Soap Recipe and Technique

Although I’m not really an accomplished cook in the kitchen, I do enjoy experimenting with different soap recipes. I love the different scents and textures and tones that are created using different additives and oils. This recipe and layered technique that I’m going to show you today is especially beautiful and yummy! I have created […]

Dollar Tree/Thrift Store Christmas Tree Challenge

Shopping means something different to me than it does to a lot of people. I’m one of these people that walks through a store and instead of buying things, I dream of how exactly I can MAKE it! I love the challenge of trying to make it look like the real thing when in fact […]

(Almost) Stress Free Goat Kidding

One of the greatest joys of raising animals is to watch new life come into the world. I don’t want to ruin the magical moment by being stressed out, but want to enjoy it. Although I know that it’s almost impossible to be “stress-free”, kidding can be rewarding and less anxious with just a few […]

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