Farming or Homesteading, Is it worth the work when I have a full time job?

Ten days, ten glorious days that I had off work. Ten days that I didn’t have to go out in public nor talk to anyone except my animals (well, and my husband occasionally!) It was the ultimate “staycation”. There was so much to do: rework some flower beds and an herb bed, find the garden […]

Building the new barn – “If you have the trees, why not?”

Our farm is 7 years old this spring! I love the barns that my son and husband built for us, but it is time to build a new barn. A barn that is bigger, holds more, and has everything altogether. I am so excited! But…..I have to wait a while longer. My Seabee husband always […]

Goat kidding season lessons you need to know (part 3)

I have been fortunate to have very few major problems with my goats. I try very hard to be diligent about timing my kiddings and keeping my kids healthy. Your does need special care also since they are giving so much of themselves to their kids. You should get to know your goats, watching and […]

Goat kidding season lessons you need to know! (part 2)

Your goat kids have successfully arrived and are being raised by mom and growing great – what could possibly go wrong? A parasite, a single celled protozoa called Coccidia, can infect your beautiful little babies and in many cases can kill very quickly. The first year that I raised goat kids, I really didn’t think […]

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