The Joy of Growing Heirloom Beans

Gardening brings so much enjoyment. It is amazing to drop a little seed in the soil and watch it turn into something truly spectacular! But the more that I garden, the more I think that I am in love with the seeds more than the plants or the fruit they give. Since I heard my […]

I wish I never planted these 5 plants- and you will too!

I never thought I would say that I regretted buying some plants. When I first started with perennials and herbs, I couldn’t wait to grow them. I wanted all kinds: tall ones and ground covers, yellow flowers and pink flowers, shady and sun-loving. Give me all the flowers! I found out very quick that our […]

Seed Libraries – What they are and why they are important

Those of you who know me are aware that my day job (the one that pays the bills) is at a public library. We have a lot of non-traditional items at our library and at the encouragement of our director, I helped establish a seed library about 3 years ago. Seed libraries have been around […]

Springtime seed starting is fun but not always easy, plus what I’m starting right now!

I love gardening, but sometimes I feel so inadequate as a gardener. Every year I have huge plans to start seeds of more varieties than I can possibly have room for! Sometimes gardening is a struggle with seeds not germinating or dying from disease. That’s not even getting into animals, both domestic and wild, that […]

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