Goat kidding season lessons you need to know! (part 2)

Your goat kids have successfully arrived and are being raised by mom and growing great – what could possibly go wrong? A parasite, a single celled protozoa called Coccidia, can infect your beautiful little babies and in many cases can kill very quickly. The first year that I raised goat kids, I really didn’t think […]

Goat kidding season lessons you need to know! (part 1)

My favorite time of year is goat kidding season! Watching a new life come into the world is something that I don’t want to miss and never gets old.  I don’t usually keep any kids that are born on my farm as I don’t have space for more, so I want to enjoy them as […]

Get ready to make your own Goat Milk Soap!

I can honestly say that until about 7 years ago, the thought of making my own soap (especially goat milk soap) never crossed my mind. I didn’t even realize that it was something that “regular” people could make in their homes. When we purchased our first 2 goats, they were both lactating and we were getting […]

A goat barn that is just the right size for your needs

There is no simple answer to the question of barn size for your goats. When you are thinking of building a shelter, look at goat size and quantity, location on your property, and weather in your area.  With the exception of newborns, healthy goats do not need special housing with lights or heat, they only […]

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