cotton washcloth diy

Crochet washcloth roundup- my favorites to make during a winter storm!

So this weekend we have had some very nasty April storms- most people are calling it “Apruary” because it reminds us of January in Michigan instead of April.  So I’ve been stuck behind closed doors and decided to spend my time trying some new crochet patterns.  I have never actually made any crochet washcloths before and had a lot of fun experimenting with these 5 patterns. Each one uses simple stitches with unique results and in each case, I modified the start number of start stitches to suit my size. Most washcloths are made square, but can be rectangle if you like. All patterns have a border of single crochet around the washcloth to finish off, but I actually left this off on one and didn’t really notice the difference.

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cotton washcloth diy
Some of my crocheting from this past weekend!

Crochet washcloth materials

In each of these patterns I used the same type of yarn and the same hook. 100% cotton is recommended for washcloths since the cotton will soak up water and wring out better.  I have only ever used cotton yarn in my volunteer work for Awesome Breastforms, so I had to actually shop for some new yarn. This was a great hardship, I assure you! 🙂

Lily Peaches and Cream or Lily Sugar and Cream cotton yarn is perfect for this job and is economical. Each of the washcloths that I made below were made with one 2.5 ounce skein.

Regardless of what the patterns say, I used a size H, 5.0 mm, crochet hook.  I recently got a new ergonomic hook by Boye. My arthritis has been flaring up lately and this hook works very nice.

Crochet washcloths using single crochet

The first is the Moss or Granite stitch. It is simply SC in one stitch, then chain while skipping the next stitch, then SC in the next.  Repeat across the row and in each row up to the size you desire.  This one has a little more open texture than some of the others.

Moss or Granite crochet washcloth

Next is the Spider stitch. To create this one, in each stitch SC, Ch1, SC. Then skip one stitch and repeat the SC, Ch1, SC in the next. Each row is a repetition of this stitch. This stitch makes a very thick and heavy washcloth.

crochet dishcloth diy
Spider stitch crochet dishcloth

Crochet washcloths using combos of different stitches

I really like these washcloths because their combo of different stitches makes them more stretchy and flexible.  I also like the way their texture looks.

The first is the Crunch stitch. This pattern is simply Half double crochet in the first stitch, then slip stitch in the next. This pattern is repeated throughout. I did not use a single crochet border around this one and didn’t even notice the difference.

crochet dishcloth
Crunch stitch crochet dishcloth

The second is the easy Mesh or Faux Bobble stitch. This is simply a repeat of SC in one stitch and TC in the next. The TC stitches actually stick out like a bobble to give great texture.

crochet washcloth
Faux bobble crochet washcloth

Crochet washcloths that use a modified stitch

The last pattern that I want to share uses a modified Bean stitch. This stitch is not a standard stitch but a modified SC. When making the SC, push the hook through to bring up a loop, yarn over (YO) and push the hook back through the same stitch bringing up another loop.  You should have 4 loops on your hook to pull through. Each stitch is larger than a normal SC and resembles a fan. Skip a stitch between each of the bean stitches.

crochet dishcloth modified bean stitch
Modified bean stitch crochet washcloth

That’s my roundup for today! I’d love to know which crochet washcloth patterns are your favorite. If we have another winter storm weekend (I hope not!), I might need more projects to work on!

crochet dishcloth
Favorite crochet washcloth stitches

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