My favorite goat milk soap recipe- simple and perfect every time!

I love making goat milk soap, but I don’t always have time to make it. So I slip in small batches here and there to not get overwhelmed. I also love to make my own recipes¬†based on what oils or additives that I have on hand. This cold-process soap recipe that I will give you […]

Farming or Homesteading, Is it worth the work when I have a full time job?

Ten days, ten glorious days that I had off work. Ten days that I didn’t have to go out in public nor talk to anyone except my animals (well, and my husband occasionally!) It was the ultimate “staycation”. There was so much to do: rework some flower beds and an herb bed, find the garden […]

Seed Libraries – What they are and why they are important

Those of you who know me are aware that my day job (the one that pays the bills) is at a public library. We have a lot of non-traditional items at our library and at the encouragement of our director, I helped establish a seed library about 3 years ago. Seed libraries have been around […]

Building the new barn – “If you have the trees, why not?”

Our farm is 7 years old this spring! I love the barns that my son and husband built for us, but it is time to build a new barn. A barn that is bigger, holds more, and has everything altogether. I am so excited! But…..I have to wait a while longer. My Seabee husband always […]

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