Yearly Care for your Dairy Goat Simplified

Raising animals should not be stressful and confusing; it should be fun and fulfill a need. My dairy goats show as much love to me as I do to them, plus they give us milk for all types of uses. Caring for them needs to be simple because we are busy, but it needs to be timely and correct.

Over the past 7 years, I have learned a few things about caring for goats and have decided to come up with a graphic that simplifies caring for one in a year’s time. Needs for goats are different: meat or dairy goats, doe or buck, adult or kid. This graphic is specifically for an adult dairy doe.

At our farm, we try to do things as naturally as possible, using a method or product that has the least negative impact on the animal and the environment. For example we use an herbal wormer which may seem like it takes a lot more effort, but we limit the exposure of chemical wormers to the animal. This reduces the possibility of parasite resistance and does not have a milk withholding time.

Please note also that this graphic is not an exhaustive tool. You also may find that the needs of your goats require more of less of what I have listed. I wanted to give new and prospective goat owners a “big picture” example of what they can expect in a year’s time.

I would love to have your feedback on my graphic!

yearly dairy goat care

4 thoughts on “Yearly Care for your Dairy Goat Simplified

  1. I love this graphic and think it’s exceedingly helpful! We are in our second year with goats and 2 weeks away from our first kidding!

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