Wrangler Corgi farm dog

You really need a Corgi for a farm dog!

If you are considering a farm dog, you really should look at Welsh Corgis! For months we researched what type of dog to purchase.¬† We have a small farm on only 2 acres and wanted a herding dog that would fit with all of our animals. We’re so happy that we chose a Corgi and here’s why you need one too.

Corgis are very loyal and protective dogs.

Wrangler does not allow any other animals on our property. This includes squirrels, possums, stray cats and dogs, even a rooster that someone dropped off in the middle of the night. He even will dig up moles and kill mice! If I bring other animals onto our property I always show it carefully to Wrangler so he knows that it belongs here. For example when I bring home new chicks to raise, I show them to him to smell and lick. They now belong to us and he will protect them against anything.

Wrangler keeping a watchful eye on his flock.

Corgis will keep your farm animals corralled.

Wrangler is a herding dog. He is constantly circling loose animals to keep them together and safe. He will work hard to keep the goats in their pen if the gate happens to get open. When we are coming up the driveway home, he does not come out and greet us but instead is circling around the barnyard to make sure that any chickens (and cats!) are out of the way of our vehicle.

Corgis are great family dogs.

Wrangler is very playful and full of energy. He loves to play and talk and is very good with kids. He was very easy to house train and could easily live in the house with us. He takes his job very seriously though and wants to be outside with his charges most of the time. Wrangler is just about a perfect size, around 40 lbs., and is easy to care for. He is a little larger than most Corgis, but I always tell him that it’s because he has a tail when other Corgis don’t!

Wrangler – shady side up!

If you have a Corgi, I would love to hear about it. Our Corgi is perfect for our farm and I would recommend them to most small farms. Who wouldn’t want a cute little fluffy dog like Wrangler protecting your animals?!

6 thoughts on “You really need a Corgi for a farm dog!

  1. I love Corgis! Ever since I discovered Tasha Tudor, I’ve wanted to get one badly, the timing just hasn’t been right. One day, though…

  2. Some corgis can be lazy, but I think it’s how you bring him/her up that makes a huge differance. You did a great job, ill definatley look into it as we might get a farmūüôā

  3. Hello, I’m thinking of getting a farm dog for our 10 acre, multi-species hobby farm. We have kiddos, cats, horses, sheep, a seasonal hog and poultry. I want something gentle, loyal and easy to raise. Does your corgi stay in your yard? I am afraid he/she would wander to the neighbors or on our road. I’d like to hear your experience. Thanks!

    1. Our Corgi loves to herd any type of animal and also chases them away from the property. We have 5 acres and he did wander a lot when he was young, especially when chasing squirrels, neighboring cats and dogs, etc. We bought a wireless containment system for him to train him to stay within our boundaries. I believe it went about 2 acres which covered all the areas that we had animals for him to protect. He had that collar system for about 4 years. He has since not had anything and 95% of the time stays here.

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